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LUMS SBASSE Admission Test

The LUMS SBASSE Admission Test measures reading, writing, and mathematical skills with the objective to assess a candidate’s suitability for undergraduate study. Additionally, subject knowledge in the area of Biology, Physics & Chemistry will also be evaluated through this test. Questions are designed to explore knowledge and skills acquired over a period of time. The test is designed to compare candidates from different academic backgrounds.

General Sections

Problem Solving Sample Questions Senetnce Correction Sample Questions Reading Comprehension Sample Questions

Subject Sections

Physics Sample Questions Chemistry Sample Questions Mathematics Sample Questions Biology Sample Questions

SSE Difficulty Level

The Admission Test is designed to determine the intellectual abilities of test takers. Questions will be at a difficulty level appropriate for students in the final year of A-Level/FSc/IB/HSD. They are typically Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), similar to the pattern used in SAT. LUMS SBASSE Admission Test is approximately three (3) hours long. Calculators are not allowed during the Admission Test.

SSE - Preparation

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