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LMAT measures mathematical and analytical abilities, as well as proficiency in English language. Questions are designed to explore knowledge and skills acquired over a period of time. The test makes it possible to compare candidates with different backgrounds.
The test consists of multiple choice sections along with a section of essay writing. Free Preparation

English Language Sections

The questions on verbal section test the ability of the candidates to understand and use English language in basic communication.
These sections test the English language skills of the candidates. It contains
  • Critical Reasoning
    Questions on Critical Reasoning test the ability to evaluate an assumption, inference or an argument. The candidates are given a statement, situation, argument or a fact and they have to identify the conclusion or claim and the premise on which it is based. Critical Reasoning Sample Questions
  • Sentence Correction
    Sentence Correction component tests the understanding and usage of English language. Sentence Correction Sample Questions
  • Reading Comprehension
    In the Reading Comprehension section, the candidates will read passages followed by a series of questions related to the passages. These questions test the ability to understand directly stated information, the ability to recognize implications, draw inferences, and to identify the main ideas and opinions expressed in passages. Reading Comprehension Sample Questions

Mathematics Sections

These sections aim at assessing the mathematical skills. The questions cover principles of algebra, geometry, and arithmetic.

Problem Solving

The structure of the questions will be such that it either requires direct numerical questions or will be based on a word problem. The topics that one needs to cover in order to prepare for this section are:
  • Fractions
  • percentages
  • exponents/roots
  • operations with algebraic expressions
  • ratio and proportion
  • angle/area problems
  • geometry
  • inequalities
  • functional forms
  • tables and graphs
  • quantitative comparison problems
Problem Solving Sample Questions

Data Sufficiency

This section is also based on problem solving and analytical abilities where one has to critically evaluate two quantities/statements and reason out whether each quantity ALONE is sufficient to answer the question or BOTH are required TOGETHER to evaluate and answer the question or NEITHER is able to sufficiently answer the question.
The last option implies more data is required to answer the question. The main aim is to analyze the least amount of information required to sufficiently asses the problem in question. The topics covered in this section are both qualitative as well as quantitative. The questions are based on algebra, geometry and arithmetic and deal with the understanding of the usage of these topics. Data Sufficiency Sample Questions

Essay Writing

In the analytical essay writing section, you will be tested in your ability to critically evaluate an issue and assess an argument. The purpose of the essay is to present your thoughts in a well thought-out manner, with precision. You will be judged on your ability to effectively communicate your thoughts in a lucid way while keeping in mind the main topic. The essay writing aims at assessing your command over the English language and your ability to correctly construct grammatically and structurally correct sentences.

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