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Physics continues to address problems on the frontiers of human knowledge, from fundamental concepts to most modern ideas like nanotechnology, optics and lasers, quantum sciences, fluids and electromagnetic waves. Giving answers to advanced problems have the potential to profoundly change our understanding of the universe, as well the future of our civilization. The undergraduate program in Physics provides foundational education in all of these areas, focusing on fundamental aspects of nature, couched in the language of mathematics and manifested in the myriad applications we see in our daily lives.
LUMS Department of Physics has world-class teaching laboratories infusing research-oriented learning. In addition, the program exposes students to modern experimental techniques through project oriented laboratory courses giving them an opportunity to contribute to cutting edge research. The undergraduate Physics program prepares students for professional careers in industry and research institutes. It also provides the solid foundation necessary for further study in graduate schools leading to careers in research and/or teaching.

Admission Requirements

For admission in BS Physics the test required is SSE OR SAT Subject.
Other requirements and eligibility criteria Eligibility and Admission Dates

Career After Physics Degree

A physics degree is a good foundation for most careers - it shows that you are numerate, can use a computer, and have been taught to think through and to solve problems logically. Most graduates however go onto further research, whether this may be an MSc or doctoral studies, such as a PhD. However, there are graduates that use their degree in a non-degree specific field and many can be found in banking, scientific journalism, patent law etc. This is due to the fact that a Physics degree is a varied degree and can be applied to many careers.

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