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LUMS - BS Mathematics

Mathematics is a very important area in academics today and is responsible for advancements in science and technology as well as progress in various other fields. The study of Mathematics does not just entail numbers and calculations but also provides a practical approach to problem solving and is the key to effective decision making. It also helps in building very important skills such as the ability to think logically, analyse complex situations and conduct research.
Mathematics majors from LUMS have gone on to work in industry in various multinationals, as well as pursuing higher studies in Mathematics, Economics and Financial Engineering.

Admission Requirements

For admission in BS Mathematics the test required is SSE OR SAT Subject.
Other requirements and eligibility criteria Eligibility and Admission Dates

Career in Mathematics

One of the benefits of studying mathematics is the variety of career paths it provides. A 2009 study showed that the top three best jobs in terms of income and other factors were careers suited for math majors. Another recent survey shows that the top 15 highest-earning college degrees have a common element: mathematics.

Actuarial Science Career After Degree in Mathematics

Actuarial science takes mathematics and statistics and applies them to finance and insurance.

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