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LUMS - BS Computer Science

The undergraduate program in Computer Science offers an excellent learning opportunity to students with the help of research-active faculty. Students learn:
  • how to build computer systems (computer architecture)
  • how to make machines think (artificial intelligence)
  • how to build computers that can see (computer vision)
  • how to design software that works seamlessly from different locations (computer networks and distributed systems)
  • how to model complex problems (modeling and simulation)
  • how to design more efficient computing algorithms (theory of computation)
The degree is excellent preparation for the job market.
The Department’s highly research-active faculty encourages undergraduate students to be involved in their research work. The Department also offers the option of continuing for a Master’s degree, through its 4+1 program, which allows the completion of both BS and MS degrees in five years.
A Computer Science degree is excellent preparation for the job market of the future and CS majors take up careers in every imaginable field. The acceptance of LUMS graduates into top MS and PhD programs abroad has also been excellent. This year, students who have graduated can boast acceptances from Cambridge, Cornell, Oxford, Stony Brook, UC San Diego, UIUC and UT Dallas, amongst others.

Admission Requirements

For admission in BS Computer Science the test required is SSE OR SAT Subject.
Other requirements and eligibility criteria Eligibility and Admission Dates

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