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Recent advances in science and technology have brought Biology to the forefront of other contemporary sciences. This has led to the emergence of new areas of study and research such as Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Mathematical Modelling of Biological Processes and Diseases, Biophysics and Systems Biology, all of which are in the realm of the Biology programme at SBASSE. Two streams are offered to aspiring Biology majors:
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Computational Biology
Successful completion of the introductory biology sequence prepares students for advanced studies in a range of biological subdisciplines that include Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics and Computational Biology.
LUMS Department of Biology offers a very supportive study environment in which scientific ideas are shared and discussed openly. Such an environment is essential not only for educational and research purposes, but also encourages faculty and staff to share their laboratory resources with their colleagues.

Success of LUMS Biology Program

The success of the Biology programme is validated by the fact that seven students from the first batch of Biology majors who graduated in 2012 won fully funded PhD placements at multiple top-tier universities which include Dartmouth, Harvard, UIUC, UPenn, University of Chicago and Vermont.

Admission Requirements

For admission in BS Biology the test required is SSE OR SAT Subject.
Other requirements and eligibility criteria Eligibility and Admission Dates

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