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History provides a differentiated learning by creating a sense of the past, an awareness of the development of diversified values, cultures and societies and the personal attitudes. It is not a corrective to human behaviour, but an important context from which we can derive lessons and values in understanding ourselves and how human identity has been shaped. Although other fields also provide analysis and context for the contemporary situation (Political Science, Anthropology, Psychology) an exclusive reliance on current data would provide an incomplete map of some of the fundamental dilemmas human beings confront in the modern world.
History offers strong evidential base for the contemplation and analysis of how societies function. Through studying history we can begin to identify the agents of change and assess whether such changes have been beneficial or harmful. History also helps us to learn why particular elements of a society persist in political institutions, social custom, and religious practices despite changes in other areas of life.
The History major at LUMS includes scholars in a range of historical specialties:

Why Study History

The History major is an ideal course of study for anyone considering a career in diplomacy, scholarship and teaching, politics, public service, and work for international organisations. By its very nature, history is cross-cultural and global in its outlook.

Admission Requirements

For admission in BA (Hons) History the test required is LCAT OR SAT Reasoning.
Other requirements and eligibility criteria Eligibility and Admission Dates


Like most humanities and social sciences, history also offer graduates a wide range of possible career paths.Strong analytical and communications skills could lead to roles in marketing, advertising, public relations or journalism. More specifically, though, with your degree in history you can be an educator, researcher, communicator or editor, information manager, advocate, or even a businessperson.

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