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LUMS - BSc (Hons) Economics and Politics

The Economics and Politics major brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the social and human world around us and developing skills useful for a whole range of future careers and activities. The study of politics familiarize students with the institutions that make crucial decisions; which govern our lives as members of nations, states and other political groupings. Students also learn how to evaluate the choices that political systems must regularly make and about the processes that maintain or change those systems.
The BSc Economics and Politics program is a carefully developed major that provides students the opportunity to learn two disciplines. Through courses developed and taught by the Economics and Political Science faculty, students examine the globalized world using a variety of conceptual depth ceated by studying the social sciences, solving problems, and explore areas of traditional disciplines. The courses in Politics help students understand the dynamics of political systems, how they affect international relations and how they support a nation, thus realizing their responsibility to the society and the country. The study of economics prepares students to take part in governmental policy making and changes in economic systems.

Admission Requirements

For admission in BSc (Hons) Economics and Politics the test required is LCAT OR SAT Reasoning.
Other requirements and eligibility criteria Eligibility and Admission Dates

Political Economics

Political Economics is an interdisciplinary field focusing on the non-market, collective, and political activity of individuals and organizations. The BA in Economics and Politics provides an intellectually challenging course that explores various issues and methods of analysis in the disciplines of economics and politics.

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