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School of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Home to a number of distinct disciplines, including Anthropology and Sociology, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and History; the Department plays a significant role in the undergraduate programs at LUMS. The Department has an interdisciplinary focus, exploring connections between traditional disciplines. It is also engaged in the process of developing courses in the core ideas of each discipline.

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LUMS - School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Department of Humanities at LUMS engages in teaching and research across language, culture, and technology. its scope is international, it approach interdisciplinary. LUMS works at the intersections of communication, composition, literature, modern languages, philosophy, rhetoric, visual studies, linguistics, gender studies, and technical communication. Emerging areas of emphasis include media, global studies, and diversity. At LUMS, students are engaged in a variety of experiences that extend beyond the classroom to prepare them for a career.


LUMS school of Umanities and Social Scinces departments:
  • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Law and Policy
The key concepts that underpin the school are diversity and an interdisciplinary focus. Students have the opportunity to work both within and beyond their primary discipline, and at the exciting fringes of where disciplines meet, whether in economics, history, law and technology, and sociological and economy theory.

Need to Teach

Teaching of humanities and social sciences can promote the culture of peace in addition to psychological effects by addressing the implication such as Humanities and social sciences courses should be teach to promote understanding of moderate and cultured society at all levels of education


Technical progress has not only changed lifestyles of mankind but also the thought and social setup of the people. Technological advancements altered the world in all respects. However the basic beliefs and values produced dramatic changes in the world history. For more than a century, social scientists have confidently predicted the end of religion but religion is present in the hind site of all modern societies of the world and is effecting even the internal and international polices of developed countries. To teach religion and cultural values is need of the day.

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