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The Law and Policy Program at LUMS offers excellent professional education and imparts a remarkable role in bringing about social change and reform in the legal system. LUMS offers a unique five-year joint BA-LL.B program which provides enhanced interdisciplinary exposure to law and its related disciplines.

LL.B First Two Years

The first two pre-LL.B years lay down foundation principles in basic relevant disciplines along with computer skills and Legal Reasoning. Students also study Introduction to the Pakistan Legal System.

Last Three Years

Over the next three years of the program, students undergo extensive academic training in core and specialized subjects in law, such as Law And Economics, Governance, Regulation And Policy-Making, International Law, Environmental Protection Law, International Trade Law, And Global Terrorism. Additionally, they take a broad range of clinical courses to acquire practical lawyering skills.
High quality and socially motivated education produces elements of change, quality research output, an atmosphere of incisive analysis and intellectual debate, and a culture of tolerance and democracy. All of these ingredients boost the quality of the legal profession and the judicial institutions in a country.

Career Prospects

The Law and Policy program strongly encourages its students to acquire familiarity with and training in various sectors of the legal profession through involvement in vocational experience over the summer breaks. As a program that is particularly geared towards providing research oriented and quality clinical legal education, one of its primary aims is to facilitate an interface between students and a myriad of legal and law related vocations so as to create an impetus for bright and young students of today to plough back their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm into their future work environment and the legal profession.

Eligibility and Admission Tests

Eligibility criteria and other requirements Eligibility Criteria and Admission Dates

After Degree

After obtaining an LL.B. degree, a person wishing to practice, has to intimate the concerned Bar Council that he is undergoing a six month training period under the supervision of a High Court lawyer with ten year standing. After he completes the pupillage, he will be asked to take a written test and undergo a viva-voce exam.

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