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LUMS - BSc (Hons) Anthropology and Sociology

Anthropology and Sociology major encompass the comparative study of human beings and the societies they live in. These twin disciplines rely upon qualitative and quantitative research to fulfil this basic aim, and to contribute to our understanding of religions, economies, gender, kinship systems, and political and legal formations as they exist across time and space in order to promote an integrated understanding of human beings living within particular sociocultural contexts.
Humanists and social scientists are called upon to supplement and evaluate critically the economic and political framing of globalization through a focus on culture and the imagination. The Anthropology and Sociology major ensures that students get a strong disciplinary foundation with grounding in theory and methods, along with a choice of courses that will allow them to pursue more specialised interests during the programme. This major aims to instil an awareness of the overall unifying concerns of these disciplines, providing students with a solid grounding in the core concepts, theoretical perspectives, and bodies of knowledge used and produced by them, while also building their ability to apply these key concepts, methodologies, and perspectives to real world issues.

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Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology is an area of study for students with a particular interest in relationships and the complexity of cooperation, conflict and communication which constitutes any society. Both Sociology and Anthropology explore the social and cultural realities of life in all its forms.

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