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The MBA Program at LUMS SDSB is a demanding and high pressure experience. The intense work oriented course work is augmented by school-wide club events, student social groups, guest speakers, seminars, sports, conferences, and more. LUMS encourage social groups activities for a richer practical learning experience.

Summer Orientation Program (SOP)

The SOP brings together students from diverse academic backgrounds and job experiences and prepares them to deal with the challenges of the MBA program. SOP program is offered in August each year, prior to the official commencement of regular classes. It focuses at making the transitional stage of students into the regular MBA easy by providing fundamental skill enhancement modules to bring all the students from different backgrounds at one level.

Admission Eligibility

Admission to the MBA Program is based purely on merit. Applicants are assessed on the following factors:
  • Minimum of sixteen years of education leading to a Masters or Bachelors degree from a University recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan
  • Performance in the Admission Test LMAT | GMAT
  • Work experience (preferred but not compulsory)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Interview performance

Bachelor Degree Less than 4 Years Duration

Applicant holding only a bachelors degree of less than four years’ duration are be required to produce an equivalence certificate of completion of 16 years of education issued by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan. The Admissions committee reviews applications to ensure requirements are being met. Shortlisted candidates are called in for an interview, after which the final decision is taken.

Work Experience

Preference is given to applicants with prior work experience. Evaluation is based on the quantity and quality of the full-time work experience, and Candidates are encouraged to acquire work experience of between 1–2 years before applying to the LUMS MBA Program. This requirement, however, is not mandatory for admission to the MBA Programs.

Interview Performance

A merit ranking for interview shortlisting is established on academic performance, work experience (if any) and admission test score of the candidates. Those who qualify this comparative ranking are called in for an interview.

Class Profile

Average Age24 years
Average Professional Experience2.38 years
Average GMAT/LMAT Score620


A LUMS MBA empowers your development into a true business leader and arms you with the skills to inspire change and make a difference in society. The LUMS MBA program is built atop four key pillars: knowledge and understanding; responsibility and integrity; communication and collaboration; and a worldview of business and society. These pillars serve as a foundation to educate tomorrow’s leaders and ensure a well-rounded knowledge base relevant to the current business atmosphere.


Your classmates, the future business leaders of South Asia and the world, will be amongst the most accomplished, intelligent, and motivated students in Pakistan. You will build lifelong professional and personal relationships with your classmates during the programme.

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