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Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB)

Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB)

SDSB is the first school at LUMS. It carries out economic and management research through its centres like the Strategic Sectors Research Centre, Social Enterprise Development Centre and the Case Research Centre. SDSB maintains a close relationship with the business world, which acts as a source of advice and information. Business leaders actively interact with both faculty and students through frequent visits, seminars and as guest speakers and their perspectives enrich the classroom experience.

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Programs at LUMS - SDSB

The following programs are offered at LUMS - Suleman Dawood School of Business:


Accounting and Finance provide basis for every business concern. Without efficiency in these fields, an organization cannot carryon its operations. Both public and private, small or large organizations require accounting and finance professionals.
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The BSc (Honours) Management Science program offers an integrative course structure starting from general education and continuing with the business core, analytical and technical rigour and use of mathematical and scientific models.
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LUMS MBA Program

The LUMS MBA Programme is designed to develop highly effecient individuals for business concerns all over the world. LUMS brings diverse perspectives and experiences to the classroom by selecting high potential individuals to meet the cahllenges of rapidly changing environment. Many of the cases taught at LUMS are international in scope with a wide variety of MBA courses directly addressing global business issues.
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LUMS Executive MBA

All of the Executive MBA student at LUMS experience different perspectives from the entire class comprising of individuals from diverse backgrounds and knowledge. They interact with each other and discuss solutions to complex issues and situations in the presence of instructors that have international exposure.
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