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LUMS - Undergraduate Financial Assistance

LUMS offers multifaceted financial assistance to needy as well as talented students.

LUMS Education is the Best Investment

Education is the most important investment that we make for our children and their future. Good education is the best investment of all. LUMS makes effort that deserving students can be provided appropriate financial assistance to make it possible for them to pursue quality education at LUMS.
LUMS has tried to make quality education accessible to all students in Pakistan, including those from low- and middle-income households. The University provides generous financial assistance packages to qualifying students in all its degree programs. Currently some 40% of the students at LUMS get some form of financial assistance from LUMS based on the assessed financial need. During the academic year 2012-13, LUMS disbursed more than PKR 320 Million as financial aid to its students.

Financial Assistance Opportunities at LUMS

A large number of financial assistance opportunities are available to undergraduate and graduate students at LUMS based on need and merit. Assistance is given in the form of tuition fee waivers, stipends, student loans and on campus jobs. Other sources include the USAID Funded Merit & Need Based Scholarship Program and various named scholarships. However, the bulk of the financial assistance at the Undergraduate level is given via the following two programs:
National Outreach Program


Financial need, or otherwise, will in no way impact the admission decision. Financial Assistance applications are processed after a student has been accepted into the program and have no bearing on admission. Financial assistance decisions are based on thorough review of financial situation for which parents and students are responsible to provide all necessary documentation and records, and which also includes physical verification.

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