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LUMS - Lahore University of Management Sciences

LUMS - Lahore University of Management Sciences

LUMS is the best educational institute in Pakistan offering world class learning and developing environment. Its unmatched quality makes it students first choice. No doubt; thousands of students from every corner of the country try to have admission in LUMS. The limited number of seats disappoints a lot of them. Applicants with high academic achievement and high score in admission test can have admission.

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LUMS - Lahore University of Management Sciences

LUMS is unique in its methodology of teaching, research and its connections with the wider world. For students, alumni, and business enterprises this provides strong reasons to choose LUMS.

International focus

In a globalized economy, LUMS maintain a truly international outlook. Over 30 nationalities are represented in LUMS student and faculty bodies. This provides a unique insight into the cultural nuances of business practice around the world. LUMS also foster close partnerships with other universities around the world, so the LUMS learning approach can be shared remotely.

LUMS Case Study Method

Introduced to business education by LUMS in Pakistan, the case method is a powerful interactive learning process that brings the complex and dynamic realities of business analysis and decision making into the classroom.
The cornerstone of the School's renowned general management approach, the case method provides students with the transcendent skills, insights, and self-confidence required to meet the interdisciplinary demands of real business situations. LUMS faculty work with business leaders at organizations of all sizes around the world to research and write more and more 350 new cases each year.

Connections to Business

The breadth and depth of our connections with leading edge global organizations bring untold value. For students these connections allow unrivalled access to ‘live’ issues for research projects. For business concerns, our expertise assists them with the specific challenges they face whilst enhancing LUMS learning. LUMS close business links mean it is always keenly informed of changing dynamics in the commercial landscape.

Financial Aid and Personal Loan

LUMS offers a variety of Financial Aid opportunities to deserving students. Its NOP is popular all over Pakistan. More; LUMS offers personal loans to the students.

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