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LUMS Admissions

When applying to LUMS, you will find that the admissions process can be rather extensive. LUMS is very selective and will look at a variety of factors to determine whether or not you fit with their programs. Before you are placed under their microscope, you will want to make sure that you are as prepared as you can possibly be.

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LUMS - Admission Application Process

Through the admissions process LUMS identify candidates whose creativity, personal achievements, leadership abilities, global outlook, and interpersonal skills may add value class participants.
The admissions process at LUMS is broad-based but highly selective. The Admissions Committee employs a holistic admission process in which every single application is given a thorough review, and there is positively no minimum grade point average, class rank, or test score one must obtain in order to secure admission to LUMS.

Apply Early

You will benefit from submitting your application in the earlier stages. The sooner you apply the sooner you can start planning your move to LUMS. If you are interested in a particular college, or want to live in LUMS accommodation, you are more likely to be successful if you submit your application in the earlier stages.

Submitting Your Application

You may begin your online application at any time during the admissions process. You can add to and edit any information on your application until you submit the completed application. All information needs to arrive in LUMS office by 5 p.m. of the deadline for a given round in order to be considered for that round.


LUMS will NOT consider applications that are incomplete or are missing the required documents or have not been submitted by the deadline.

LUMS and Your Grades

An applicant's grades can be evaluated many different ways depending upon the school. The median grades for applicants admitted into top schools is approximately 75%. If your grade is less than that, it doesn't mean that you will be excluded from the school of your choice, it simply means that the rest of your application should make up for it.

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